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We use PPG paints, the same paint your Harley-Davidson is painted in when it was new from the factory,   EXPENSIVE?  YES!.   IS IT THE BEST?  YES!     All our work is painted in a temperature controlled spray booth and oven baked as well,,

Plastic Repairs

We can repair most plastic parts successfully. However some parts cannot be fixed due to their makeup.

Dents in Tanks

Dents in gas tanks can be pulled out and finished off like new. We do not fix leaking or rusted out gas tank’s,,

Tank Liners

These provide protection inside your metal gas tank against moisture forming rust. We do not recommend using the liner’s to fix leaking tank’s, the gas tank must be fixed first. We do not fix leaking or rusted out gas tanks..

Sand Blasting

Most metal parts are sandblasted before we start out repair work.

Fibre Glass

Small repairs only: we do not make complete panels or parts.

Wheel Rims & Lower Fork Legs

We can paint your rims or fork legs any colour you like, however we have no facilities to remove tyres or bearings. This can be done at most dealership’s..we can also do disc’s and rear pulley’s as well,,  fork leg’s do not have to be dissembled to be painted, if you are going to rebuild them, do it before they are painted,,contact us for more details,,


From a fully molded show bike frame to OEM colours, We can help you! Swing arms and brackets as well as fork clamps can be painted,,


Our work is sent all over the place: all you do is box it up and send it to us. E-mail us photos of what you need done, pay with your credit card over the phone and we can send it back when finished – EASY! We have send work as far as Alice Springs and Wagga Wagga.


We can do small welding jobs such as taillight insert’s and welding fender rivets etc etc,, We do not fix leaking or rusted out gas tanks,,

Custom Paint

with custom work you are really buying two paint jobs; i.e. you still need to paint it one colour then apply graphics,leafing etc etc,,,


We sell paint sets, either buy them outright or as an exchange panel system,,


A 30% deposit must be paid before your paint job will commence.


All work is to be paid for in full before it leaves the shop. We accept cash, credit cards and EFTPOS only! No personal or business cheques.


We often display our work at shows. These show days are displayed in our blog post’s,, check back often to see where we will be set-up..

Shop Hours

Opening hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to thursday. Phone appointments only. We are now closed on Fridays, other appointments for after hours can be made, but need to be booked in advance by phone thanks,,