16 Nov, 2019

custom flfbs fatboy hits the streets

have a looky at this custom flfbs fatboy that we have just finished, it certainly looks tuff, and loud, just the way the new owner ordered it, built by the lads down at  ‘gold coast harley-davidson’ it certainly is a head turner, all the graphics, fades, stripe’s and number ‘1’ are all done in paint  (yes, we paint stuff here). using a custom heartland rear fender and front fender really makes a change from the original fatty fenders, the black is our super deep custom pearl black that we make here so it really pops out off the bits, whilst the red stripe has a small gold pearl in it, even the blue in the ‘1’ is done in a pearl blue to keep the theme going, dump the clear on it so you cant feel any paint edges and its a go,,,




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