03 Apr, 2021

new fxbrs breakout

the design brief was to make a fxbrs look like it had the 2020 cvo flhxse streetglide paintwork on it, and it had to look right. we specialize in new bike showroom paintwork for Harley dealerships, so we take these jobs very seriously, they have to be better then the best, and they have to have a paint warranty to match as well, so after a full bare metal strip of the original paintwork, and etching and undercoating, the base colours are layered on, followed by all the stripes being masked and painted on as well, finally being triple flo-cleared to make sure all the paint edges are smooth, of course PPG paints are used throughout the whole painting process, the same paint that Harley-Davidson use to paint their bikes in the factory, it just makes sense really,,



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