14 Jun, 2019

trophy tanks


every now and then we will do up one of our half tank trophy’s for show’s or raffles for different clubs, over the years we have done quite a few so i thought i would start a blog up for them to show the different ones around, we use an actual fuel tank and cut one of the sides out to make them, tabs are welded on from the inside so they can be fastened to the back boards, a badge is added as well, there is no short cuts taken in the painting process on them, the paint is the same as if it was a normal job, so that means ground metal finishes, gold or silver leaf, hand pinstripes, candys and gallons of clear coats too, i try and throw just about everything on them,,if you are the lucky owner of one of these ‘tank trophies’ you are in a small club of very lucky people, please look after it well,,




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